Writing Process


Writing process guides writers to express their opinions, views, suggestions in a readable manner. By following a constructive writing process, students can express their points of views carefully. Good writing is appreciated in each sector. In schools, students need to write letters, paragraphs, articles, essays, short stories, etc. There are specific format for each kind of write up. However, a general process of writing a document or content is referred as the writing process. 

Defintion of Writing Process

Writing something on a paper by using own words is not as simple as it seems. Students get perplexed for the first time, but gradually, improve their writing skill and consequently, they overcome their obstacles. They must read different kinds of books to improve their writing skill. On the other hand, good vocabulary is a skill that is needed to write different kinds of documents. However, the writing process is structured by including some essential steps. According to academicians, by following these common steps, students can successfully develop ideal pieces of writing.

5 Steps of Writing Process

There are some specific steps of writing that help students to express their ideas, opinions or their creations in a right order. Therefore, readers can get engaged with each write up.

Steps of Writing Process
Prewriting: Prewriting is a process of collecting ideas on any of the topic you choose, before you are ready to go and write about something interesting first research on that topic thoroughly. Introduce your ideas write it down when it struck your mind, it will help you writing and inspire you in exploring more ideas. Note down your ideas which comes into mind every time and now the other part is brainstorming, where you can explore, elaborate and analyse which means getting in depth of topic. And now we move to planning, where how you write a story using the ideas noted and form beautiful story. Structure is also important with flow from start of the story to end of the story with conclusion.  

Rough Drafting and Drafting : After accumulating the information, students arrange the entire content in some points by maintaining a sequence. This part of the work is known as rough drafting. Drafting is the process of summarizing ideas or thoughts on paper without focusing on the grammar correction.

Editing: After finishing the drafting, students must do editing to make each sentence with appropriate punctuation, avoid grammatical mistakes, spelling check and considerate. Editing is an essential process to evaluate each content efficiently. Students can give the write up to their friends or teachers for editing.

Revising: Revising is rechecking the content, has it reached the limit whether the idea or thought is suitably explained or not.Consider only the interesting part of the story avoiding information which is over expressed. It is better to ask someone who have experience in reading and analyzing the best part and the worst. Feedback is the better way to know the quality of the script, so best way you can approach to your friends or teacher and get there view.

Publishing: Publishing is the last step when the articles, stories or essays are given to the concerned person for publishing. You can publish your book and find the audience having interest in your stories.