Research Essay


Research essay is an assignment that usually comes in the higher education. This type of essay writing allows students to compare the thoughts of others with their own. Writing a research essay is to go through the source materials and blend the information with your own ideas. However, the research essay is usually written by focusing on a topic and the topic needs to be researched in the essay in detail. The process of writing a research essay is not so simple, but organized. Three important steps are involved in the entire writing process. The first step is choosing a topic and secondly, a thorough research is required to develop an outline. The third step is to write the essay based on the information collected through research.
Some tips to write a research essay:
  • Research question should be clearly included in the essay.
  • The content should not be too general.
  • Narrowing down the information is required.
  • The sources of information should be credential.
  • Plagiarism is not accepted.
  • The adequate bibliography should be incorporated.

However, selecting a research topic is the main task of writing a research essay. Sometimes, students get assistance in selecting the topic. While choosing a topic, students must understand the type of the topic. Is it broad or it can be written in an in-depth manner? Starting from a point, students need to narrow down the topic to provide a concise and constructive information to the readers. However, analysis of the topic in the body paragraphs is the main part of a research essay.

Research Essay Definition

A research essay is an academic writing that includes detailed information about a topic or problem. It contains a thesis statement and it is the most critical part of an essay. A research essay presents an organized information and also shows the effort of the writers. Based on the topic and the circumstances, students need to develop the body paragraphs by acknowledging the same information available in the others’ writing. The arguments of the essay should be precisely illustrated and legitimate. Finally, in conclusion, students can summarize the arguments and wind up the content by giving quotes.

Research Essay Outline

Research essay outline matters a lot as it presents the structure of the essay. However, introduction, body and conclusion are three main parts of a successful essay. Each part should be explained in a coherent manner so that the readers can learn the required information from each essay.
  • Introduction: An introduction comprises a thesis statement as well as the objective of writing the essay. It provides a condensed information of the entire essay and allows students to read the writing. In brief, it stimulates the students’ interest by offering a succinct information about the entire write up. Here, students can include the significance of choosing this topic, as well.
  • Body: Body paragraphs are ideally developed to explain each point or argument. Each body paragraph consists of each point. These points are precisely explained by supporting the thesis statement. For a research essay, students should start with a strong point and end with the strongest one.
  • Conclusion: This paragraph summarizes the points or arguments and complete the entire writing with some wrap up sentences. However, conclusion is the last paragraph, where writers explain their stand. It is vital for both the writers and the readers. A suitable conclusion should be concise, convincing and craftily developed.

How to Write a Research Essay

Some constructive steps are available that guide students in developing a research essay.

  • Select the topic: Choosing a topic for the research essay is intriguing as well as challenging. Students need adequate information about the topic to set forth the arguments in the essay. In brief, students need to do a thorough research on that topic and present the content by following a detailed analysis.
  • Find the pertinent information: After selecting the topic, students must accumulate the relevant points to make the essay informative as well as absorbing.
  • Choose the format of the essay: As we all know, the format of the essay includes three parts –introduction, body and conclusion. The theoretical framework is required to present each essay in a precise manner.
  • Construct the body paragraphs: Body paragraphs include background of the topic, analysis of data and presentation of the points in a credible manner.
  • Execute the entire thought or idea: By incorporating the relevant examples, the entire information should be illustrated in a step-by-step manner. 
  • Revise the entire writing by focusing on the thesis statement: Students must revise the entire essay by considering the thesis statement as well as their own perspective.
  • Wind up the writing by developing a distinct conclusion: Conclusion is the analytical summary and it plays a worthwhile role in the essay.

Research Essay Topics

Choosing a topic for research essay is tough. The topics can be related to business, education, legal issues, human behaviors and others. Based on the information accumulated by the students, the essay is developed by following a standard structure. However, in the research essay, the thesis statement should be strong and convincing. Some research essay topics are mentioned here.