Persuasive Writing


Persuasive Writing is a kind of nonfiction writing that comprises logical arguments along with the suitable words and also gives a summarize idea for the better understanding of the readers. The writers try to convince the readers through Persuasive writing and for that they carefully choose suitable words. This type of writing usually explains an issue and writers represent their opinions by supporting that issue. Sometimes, Persuasive writing comprises arguments or several arguments that convince the readers. However, this kind of writing is commonly used and several techniques are implemented to improve the arguments. Moreover, the arguments can be presented by supporting an issue or by pointing negative aspects of an issue. Persuasive writing is an important skill and it can be improved by making influential arguments. First, students need to understand the techniques of oral arguments and then they can apply these techniques in the persuasive writing activities. They can independently analyze the writings of others. However, effective techniques should be followed to make each persuasive writing well-formed. However, the outline of a persuasive essay is mentioned below.  - This paragraph explains the theme or the idea of the entire writing. Writers must put some attractive lines to grab the attention of the readers. Additionally, they should give an engaging overview of the argument. This paragraph needs to be closed with a thesis statement that makes the readers understand about the position of the argument.- The supporting evidences are mentioned in the body paragraph. Opposing View Paragraph- Describe and then oppose the points of opposing views. - Strengthen the thesis and the points of arguments. Summarize the supporting evidences.

What is Persuasive Writing?

Persuasive writing is a common style of writing that expresses the arguments along with the authentic ideas. It is also known as that argument essay where one idea or thesis is established by giving supportive evidences. Here, writers always try to convince the readers by giving some valid justifications. In persuasive writing, writers represent that one idea is more legitimate way than other ideas. This kind of writing tries to persuade the readers to believe in the stated points of views. In short, persuasive writing allows the readers to take an action by supporting the points. Generally, one or several arguments are developed in the persuasive writing by using legal facts, logical reasons and examples.

Definition of Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is a type of nonfiction written document that motivates the writers in developing logical arguments along with a constructive summary by choosing suitable words. Students should have persuasive writing skills as it is a commonly used writing style in school days. However, persuasive writing is referred as a presentation of authentic facts and examples to convince the readers to support the stated statements.

In persuasive writing, writers should represent a clear opinion along with the supportive examples. However, the entire write up is presented by following an argumentative writing style.

Persuasive Writing Techniques

Some useful steps for the Persuasive writing are mentioned here.

Prewriting the Persuasive Essay: Prewriting phase is important as during this period, students can plan their essay. They research on the topic and accumulate the important points of each topic by covering both positive and negative aspects. They chose their position for which they are going to advocate. Before starting a persuasive essay, students must understand the perspective of the readers. However, evidences matter a lot in the persuasive essay. Students should collect adequate information as well as supportive points for each topic.

Outline the Writing: Creating outline is essential as it gives each write up a convincing structure. Divide the entire write up into paragraphs and represent each point suitably.

Drafting the Writing: The introductory paragraph should be well-written and attractive. Students can start their essay with a question or a quotation. An emphatic statement can be a first line of an essay. Additionally, each body paragraph should cover each point by maintaining a right sequence. Real facts, examples should be included in each body paragraph. Make the arguments engaging and impressive by incorporating relevant terms and background information. Moreover, statistics, quotes and examples are three important factors of each persuasive writing.

Persuasive Writing Techniques

Revising the Write up: Revision is mandatory as through the revision process, students can evaluate their write up systematically. Keeping in mind the objective of the essay, students need to read each paragraph intensively. Supporting points should be clearly mentioned along with the example. In brief, revision is a space where students can rework on their pieces of writings.

Editing the Essay: Editing is necessary to correct the spelling and grammar of each writing. The style and clarity should be assessed thoroughly before publishing any kind of write up.

Publishing: Sharing the essay with the peers is interesting as well as challenging. Students should take the feedback positively to make their next writing even better. However, before publishing the write up, teachers’ suggestions are valuable for the students.

Persuasive Writing Examples

Different kinds of topics can be taken for persuasive writing. Some topics are mentioned below:

Persuasive Writing Examples
  1. Drinking age
  2. Smoking
  3. School Uniform
  4. Adoption
  5. Healthy Lunch
  6. Human Cloning
  7. Cell Phone should never be used while driving
  8. People should carpool