Narrative Writing


Narrative writing is a type of writing that tells a story. In narrative writing, a writer narrates a story or shares an experience with others. Narrative writing can be categorized into two different forms, one is fiction and another is nonfiction. A fiction narrative writing refers to imaginative stories and events that are not real, whereas a nonfiction narrative writing is based on real stories and facts. For instance, reports, newspapers, biographies and autobiographies are nonfiction narrative writing as these are based on real events and facts. 

Generally, narrative writing is presented in a sequential manner in order to stimulate the interest of readers. Novel, short stories, dramas, folk tales and poetry come under narrative writing. The purpose of narrative writing is to involve the readers in the story and allow them to imagine or visualize the situation. In the narrative writing, a writer presents the story with sensory details and gives vivid descriptions so as to capture the attention of the reader. 

Narrative Writing has Characters

Definition of Narrative Writing 

Narrative means story, which can be a real or an imaginary event. Narrative writing is all about narrating a story or describing a real incident. In this type of writing, the writer plots a story by using sensory details. Every paragraph in narrative writing is structured with vivid descriptions and transition words like subsequently, as soon as, later on, at last, during, suddenly, etc. so as to make the story or event interesting for readers. 

Types of Narrative Writing 

As per the English literature, narrative writing has various forms that are mentioned below:
  1. Folktale: A folk tale is a story that is orally narrated to others. It reveals certain truth about life or something that happens in nature. 
  2. Epic: Epic is a long poem that describes the heroic acts of hero or heroines. 
  3. Fable: Fable is a story, which gives a lesson with the help of animal characters that act like people. 
  4. Captivity Narrative: Captivity narrative is kind of story about the people and their suffering, capture, escape and rescue. It explains human emotions. 
  5. Fantasy: It is a story about imaginary characters and imaginative event. 
  6. Short Story: This type of story primarily pays attention on one character and one event.
  7. Play: A play is generally performed on stage where the characters communicate through dialogue. 
  8. News: News is based on current events that are presented to an audience through print, internet or broadcast on TV or radio. 
  9. Realistic Fiction: This type of story contains characters and settings that are based on a real life event or incident. 
  10. Historical Fiction: This type of story describes the historical events that have happened in the past. 
  11. Biography: A biography is interesting and fascinating stories of famous people. 
  12. Autobiography: A detailed description of a writer’s own life. 
  13. Novel: A novel explains fictional events and characters in a sequential manner. 
  14. Myth: This type of story explains the wonders of nature and the mysteries of life. 
  15. Tall Tale: This type of story is quite amusing and describes impossible happenings. It also explains the accomplishment of the hero. 

Narrative Writing Ideas 

Keep the following points in mind when you are writing narrative essay or story.
  • Narrative writing is usually written in the first person, i.e. ‘I’. Apart from this, third person like ‘it’, ‘he’, ‘she’ can also be used in narrative writing form. 
  • Narrative writing should be presented in a chronological order. 
  • In narrative writing, some of the important characteristics like a plot, characters, setting, a climax and an ending should be there to create a story. 
  • Sensory details should be there to convey the main point as these details create a picture in readers’ mind and force them to visualize the events and characters. 

Examples of Narrative Writing 

Examples of Narrative Writing
  1. Alice in Wonderland  
  2. A Memorable Trip
  3. Little Red Riding Hood 
  4. First Day at College 
  5. An Unforgettable Moment
  6. The Hare and the Tortoise