Informal Essay


The informal essays are usually developed for enjoyment, but it can be informative, as well. Informal essays are not formally developed, rather these writings comprise less formal statements that represent the writer’s observation, views, opinions, perspective on a topic, etc. Most importantly, this type of essay is written in a relaxed manner, by maintaining an intelligible structure.

The informal essay usually includes the personal touch, rather than an academic flow of writing. This kind of essay imparts subjective opinions. In a formal essay, writers stay behind the words, whereas in the informal essay, writers show a direct approach. In the informal essay, writers directly speak to the readers in a conventional manner. However, informal essays allow the writers to embody their personality. Most importantly, the entire write up should be meaningful as well as orderly arranged.

The Elements of an Informal Essay:
  • The statements should be clear and realistic.
  • A smooth illustration should be maintained in the body paragraphs.
  • Paragraph can be short, but concise.
  • Conclusion can lead a general statement.The topics of the informal essay are not limited.
Informal essay is also known as personal essay as it consists of personal reflection. The structure of the essay is not defined, but it should be intelligible and intriguing. A good number of topics are available for the informal essay. However, the objective of writing an informal essay is to share the pleasure that both the writers and readers can enjoy. Witting an informal essay is not ramble about something, which is unorganized, unintelligible and unimpressive, as well. In brief, writing an informal essay gives students freedom to arrange the words and express their views and opinions by following a less rigid style.

Some Features of the Informal Essay:

Informal Essay Format

Structure: When it comes to the structure, an informal essay does not have any defined outline. As we all know, a ‘5 paragraph essay’ is a standard format, where an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph are included. For informal essay, this kind of structure and the length of the essay are not determined. There is no any restriction in arranging the points or thoughts of the writers. Sometimes, the informal essay does not comprise a clear thesis.

Tone: Here, tone refers to the way, the writers address to the readers or audience. In the informal essay, there are no such guidelines and hence, the use of 1st person, 2nd person, contractions and colloquialisms are included in the essay. However, this type of writing has a conventional tone and hence, reading an informal essay is similar to hearing something from a friend.

Purpose: While writing formal essays, writers try to grab the attention of the readers/audiences by strengthening their logical arguments, whereas in an informal essay is casually written and the purpose of writing this essay is just to release the emotion. The writers of the informal essays, tell some stories or share some ideas to influence the readers, as well. Here, the writers depend on the personal connection, instead of following any rhetorical tricks.

Tips While Writing an Informal Essay:
  • Don’t use informality more: Develop the entire write up in a relaxed manner by including the colloquialisms.
  • Express your personality to get noticed in the text.
  • Make the essay writing interesting by incorporating suspense, foreshadowing, keep the main information hidden till the end.
  • There is no rule in this type of essay writing. Just be conscious about the degree of the informality.

The Differences between Formal and Informal Essay

There are some differences between formal and informal essays and these dissimilarities should be understood by the writers. Formal and informal essay are two different types of writing that students get familiar with in school and college education.

  • In terms of authors’ point of view, in the informal essay, the readers are addressed directly and the writers use 1st person, whereas in the formal essay, writer use 3rd person pronoun.
  • In terms of content, informal essay comprises events of writers’ daily life or writers’ experiences. On the other hand, the topic of the formal essay includes historical event, the topic of literature, etc.
  • Tone of the informal essay is amusing, ironic, conventional and most importantly, it is more subjective, whereas the tone of the formal essay is more objective. Formal essays encompass strong arguments and it does not include emotion.
  • In terms of location of the thesis, the informal essay does not have any rule for that, whereas in the formal essay, thesis is explicitly mentioned in the first or second paragraphs. 
  • When it comes to the structure, the informal essay is not developed by following any defined structure, whereas the formal essay is structured rigidly by including a separate argument in each paragraph.
  • In regard to vocabulary, the informal essay comprises contractions, colloquialisms and the words and phrases, which are used in the day-to-day life. On the other hand, formal essay does not include ‘you’, ‘I’, and contractions. It only contains technical words concerned with the subject. 
  • The purpose of both the essays is quite different. The informal essays are just developed for entertainment, whereas formal essays stimulate the readers’ thoughts and allow them to take action.

How to Write an Informal Essay

Writing an informal essay is intriguing as it does not have any restriction, but students need to maintain a regular flow of writing.  Writing an informal essay differs from other essays writing as it follows a smooth and common process of writing. However, some steps of writing an informal essay are described here.

  • Select the topic: As per their preference, students can choose any topic for the informal essay. It can be a special experience of their school days or college life. Choosing the topic is the first and foremost step of essay writing.
  • Make an outline: As, most of the time, the topic of an informal essay is related to the writer’s experience so that he/she needs to remember the every detail of the event or topic. Arranging the points in mind is the second most important step of writing this essay.
  • Write the essay: The third step is writing the essay by marinating a natural flow so that it can engage the readers/audiences.  Here, students can include colloquialisms, jargons and simple words that are used daily basis.

Informal Essay Topics

Writing an informal essay is to share the experience or thoughts to the readers in a casual manner. However, the topics of the informal essay can be anything as there is no restriction on choosing a topic. It is not related to any subject. Moreover, some topics are mentioned here as a reference.