Exploratory Essay


Exploratory essay is a type of writing, where the writers ask questions and collect pertinent information that might contain the answer of the questions. However, to find the suitable answers of the questions is not the objective of the exploratory essay. This kind of writing usually involves in inquiring about a topic and consequently, accumulate the information and share this with the readers/ audiences. Moreover, this type of essay is also known as inquiry essay.

Exploratory essay is quite different from other essays as it does not convince the audiences about the thesis statement, rather it finds out the solutions of a problem. Here, the writers prepare some preliminary conclusions of a problem. The function of writing an exploratory essay is to retrospect the writer’s thinking and writing process. This kind of essay guides the writers and allows them to understand the process of research to build the conclusions. Most importantly, this type of essay writing allows students to be introspective. It also helps students in improving their thinking process to turn out the essay writing well. 

The Objectives of an Exploratory Essay:
  • Narrate the argument question
  • State the different views of people about the topic 
  • Include the personal response
The Features of the Exploratory Essay:
  • Define the issue/problem in the introduction and state the arguable question in the first paragraph.
  • Analyze the issue by including the restrictions and exigence
  • Summarize at least 3 main points related to the issue in the body paragraphs.
  • The conclusion should be clear enough and the writer’s personal interest in the issue is usually included in the conclusion.

Exploratory Essay Outline

A typical exploratory essay comprises three important parts such as introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Each paragraph contains different aspects based on an argument question.

Introduction: Define the topic or argument question clearly in the introduction so that the readers can get to know what they will read about. It drags the readers’ attention easily. A quotation or a description of an event can be added in the introduction. However, students can explain the significance of the problem in this paragraph. Include the general point of view on the problem as well as the writers’ perception. The pertinent information can be covered in this paragraph. In detail, the causes of the problem, the institutions or people, who are involved with the problem, the possible ways to solve the problem, etc. Moreover, the types of the sources which have gone through by the writers, can be included here.

Body Paragraphs: Body paragraphs explain the way or process through which the research process in done. Some points should be included in these paragraphs are mentioned here.
  • Information about the sources and the importance of the sources in the essay.
  • Background information.
  • Relevant information related to the problem.
  • The significance of the information and the relation between the information and problem (argument question).
  • Introspection and how the information helped the writer to think differently about the topic. If the writer’s expectation is not fulfilled, then, it should be included in these paragraphs.
  • Mention the best solution of the problem. Here, writers can suggest something as per their point of view.

Conclusion: Summarize the points and present a clear information about the solution of the problem or argument question. Writers’ thought can be expressed at this stage of writing. The main objective of writing this type of essay is to explore the topic and learn new thing. Writing an exploratory essay is not the repeat truisms. Highlight the possible solutions and represent a coherent view of a problem.

Exploratory Essay Topics

Different topics can be taken for exploratory essay. It is not necessary to have an exact thesis statement in the writing, but the topic should be explored in a detailed manner. During writing the exploratory essay, the writers as well as the readers learn new aspects about the topic. However, keen understanding about the topic is the main function of essay writing.

Some topics are mentioned here as a reference:
  • How does divorce affect kids?
  • Is organic food really good for us?
  • Can recycling really make a difference?
  • Is applying technology in education good?
  • Why do opposites attract?