Essay Writing


An essay is a form of writing that explains the writer’s point of view on a particular topic. It can be non-fictional, narrative or expository types. Generally, a writer analyzes, discusses and describes a topic through essay writing. It depends on the writer’s state of mind, how he or she explains a topic. An essay can be explained humorously or seriously. Students develop essay writing skills during their school years. Through essay writing skills, a student’s ability to express his or her ideas and thoughts are being evaluated. Most universities and education institutions access students writing skills through admission essays. Essay writing is an ideal way of presenting an argument and communicating views to readers. It strengthens the thinking and articulation skills of students and empowers them to present their views on a specific topic or an issue. 

Types of Essay Writing 

Essay writing is broadly categorized into different types. The most popular essay types are discussed below: 

Types of Essay Writing

  1. Descriptive Essay: A descriptive essay explains things in a detailed manner. How something looks, feels, sounds, tastes or smells is what a writer describes through a descriptive essay. This type of essay mostly uses sensory details so as to involve the readers.  For instance, The Natural Beauty of Ladakh’.
  2. Argumentative Essay: Argumentative essay is all about presenting an argument on a particular topic. Through this type of essay, a writer tries to convince the reader on what he or she is communicating is correct. A writer persuades the reader to his or her point of view. For example, ‘Carpooling is better than Private Cabs’. 
  3. Narrative Essay: The purpose of a narrative essay is to tell a story to the readers. Generally, a writer shares his or her personal experience with the readers through narrative essay. For instance, ‘A Memorable Trip to Manali’.
  4. Compare/Contrast Essay: This form of essay explains the similarities and differences between two or more things, places, issues or people. With the help of compare and contrast essay, the writer informs the readers about the similarities of two things and also explains their differences. For example, ‘Zumba Dance Vs Yoga’. 
  5. Cause/Effect Essay: Cause and effect essay usually explains an event or an action that has some effects. It describes how an event happened and what its consequences are. For instance, ‘Effects of Smart Phones on Health’. 
  6. Process Essay: A process essay explains the entire process in a step-by-step manner. It can be explained in the form of instruction. For example, ‘Process of Creating a Website’.
  7. Definition Essay: Definition essay is a kind of essay in which a writer explains a particular term to the readers. Most of the words have concrete meanings, but there are some words like love, beauty, honesty, ambition, superstition, etc. that can be explained in a different manner. 
  8. Critical Essay: This type of essay discusses and analyzes other peoples works or achievements. An essay can be written on someone else’s poetry, novel, book, art, etc.  For example, ‘The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare’.

Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing is a great way of enhancing the writing skills of students. Here, some important tips are discussed to improve the essay writing skills of students.

Essay Writing Tips
  1. Search or brainstorm new ideas: Search new topics from magazines, newspapers, journals or internet. If something is coming to your mind, then you can also write an essay on that topic. Make a list of topics that are interesting and might appeal to the readers. Collect all supporting facts as it will help you in describing an essay in a detailed manner. 
  2. Introduction: Always begin an essay with an introduction paragraph. It is the most important part as it gives an overview to the readers about the main idea. Do not forget to provide background information about the topic, which you are going to explain. 
  3. Body paragraph: In the body paragraph, explain your main idea more precisely to the readers. Provide supporting details so as to persuade the readers on your point. It is good to add some quotes in the body paragraph as it will make the point more genuine to the readers.  
  4. Conclusion: Wrap up your ideas in a chronological order in the last paragraph. Summarize the statements, which you had communicated to readers with the help of supporting facts and figures in the above paragraphs. 
  5. Proofreading: Proofread the entire essay and re-arrange the sentences that are not arranged in a proper sequence. In addition to this, check the spelling and punctuations thoroughly to maintain flawlessness.

Essay Writing Help

Writing is the best way of communicating or presenting ideas and thoughts to others. Nowadays, essay writing is a mandatory criterion in various educational institutions to evaluate the writing skills of students. Most students are creative and they are able to present their views and thoughts skillfully. However, there are some students who need assistance to improve their essay writing skills. There are many websites, which provide online essay writing and reviewing assistance to students across all grades. Highly proficient online tutors make every possible effort to strengthen the writing skills of students. They teach in a step-by-step manner how a student can organize his or her thoughts and can communicate it through writing. A personalized session is provided to every student in a virtual classroom so as to give them a detailed understanding of researching or brainstorming ideas, writing, organizing and editing an essay in a logical manner. 

Essay Writing Examples

Essay Writing Examples
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