Business Letters


Business letter writing is a way of communicating an official matter in a professional manner. It can be a written communication between two or more organizations or parties. Business letters are considered formal letters and these types of letters are written in a consistent manner. In business letter writing, the words should be short, clear and succinct instead of creative or lengthy words. The letter should convey the message clearly as the recipient of the letter has limited time to read it. A business letter can be categorized into different forms such as application letter, apology letter, requesting information letter, leave application letter, letter to place an order, etc.

Things to remember while writing a business letter: 

Parts of a Business Letter

A good business letter should contain the following things: 

Parts of a Business Letter

  1. Heading: The letter should contain the organization’s full name and address at the top left side of the page. Most organizations use letterhead containing their name, address, contact information and logo. If an organization does not have letterhead, then they should mention the information related to a company’s identity. 
  2. Date: A business letter should contain a date below the heading. Make sure you mention the full name of a month, then the day and the four digit year. For instance, October 6, 2015. 
  3. Recipient’s Address: The letter should include the recipient address. Mention the recipient’s name, job title of the recipient, company name, address and postal code. 
  4. Subject: Include a subject line and write the subject after the recipient’s name and address. 
  5. Salutation: It is an important part of a business letter. The salutation is also called as a greeting. Depending upon the relationship with the recipient, you can address that person with Dear Sir or Madam or with the job title, such as Dear Branch Manager. 
  6. Body Paragraphs:  This section should explain the purpose of writing a letter. The sender should convey the message in a simple and brief manner to the concerned person or an organization. Whether the message is in the form of a request, issue, complaint, information or enquiry, it should be written in a few lines and in the right tone.  
  7. The Complimentary Close: The letter ends with a short and courteous closing remark followed by a comma. When you are addressing the letter to someone above you in rank use ‘Yours Sincerely’  ‘Yours Faithfully’ or ‘Respectfully Yours’. 
  8. Signature: It is the last part of a business letter. Write your first and last name; if possible you can also mention your job title in the second line. It is ideal to write your name in blue or black ink. 
  9. Enclosure: If you want to enclose important papers, such as bill, payment receipt, resume, etc. You can mention in the letter by writing ‘Enclosures’.

Business Proposal Letter 

Business proposal letter refers to a letter that communicates the plan of setting-up a new business. An ideal business proposal letter is the best medium to create important business connections with the leading organizations. The main purpose of a business proposal letter is to show your expertise in the business and convince the other business entities that your services can benefit to them in future. Generally, a business proposal letter is written by one business entity to another for financial support or partnership purposes. A business proposal letter is the most powerful tool to gain new and profitable business opportunities. 

Things to remember when writing a business proposal letter:
  1. A business proposal letter should include the details about the products and services offered by the organization to the customers. 
  2. The letter should explain the benefits of the products and services. 
  3. Make sure to present the details and information about the products and services in a precise manner so as to make it attractive and impressive for the other business entities. 
  4. A business letter is a medium through which an organization can advertise or promote their products and services. Hence, make sure to provide all necessary details so as to influence other business entities. 
  5. The letter should include pictures and charts, so that the client can easily understand the outcome of the business. 

Business Letter Format 

A-122, Preet-Vihar
Ashiyana Apartment 

24th June, 2015


The Secretary 
National Institute of Fashion Technology 
27th Main, Sector 1, HSR Layout, 
Karnataka 560034

                                 Sub: Information Required for Admission to B.Des. in Fashion Design 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a student of the Mother International School and interested in pursuing a degree in fashion designing. It would be grateful if you can send me the prospectus of Bachelor Program (Fashion Design). Additionally, I would like to know whether the institute provides accommodation for students. 

Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully
Neha Grewal

Business Letter Example

Business Letter Examples

Business Letter Examples
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