English Writing


English writing is a medium through which a writer communicates his or her ideas to readers with the help of English letters and words. Keeping in mind the English vocabulary, semantics and grammar, a writer writes about a particular topic in his or her own style. The purpose of writing is to convey something important to the readers. Besides, writing is also a way of sharing knowledge and opinion with others. According to the English language, writing is categorized into different forms such as descriptive writing, expository writing, narrative writing and persuasive writing. Let us see different types of writing in detail.

How to Improve English Writing

Practice is the key to success and it is applicable in writing also. Through writing, an individual can share his or her ideas, thoughts and views to others. Let us understand how you can strengthen your English writing skills.

How to Improve English Writing

Practice writing daily: Writing is the best way of sharing your views like what you think about a person, place or about an issue. Through writing you can convey your thoughts clearly to others. With constant practice, you will be able to improve your writing skills and understand your flaws.

Use new words: Try to keep your writing unique and grammatically correct. Read newspapers, novels, magazines and identify new words. Analyze how these words are used in the sentences.

Editing and proofreading: Editing and proofreading is important. After writing a paragraph, edit wherever you want to make changes in the sentences. Later, proofread every sentence thoroughly so as to make the sentence error-free. 

English Writing Skills

Needless to say, a good writing skill comes from practice. Many efficient writers struggle a lot when it comes to writing grammatically correct sentences. It is important to keep a track of the errors, which we usually make while writing. Here, some essential tips are discussed that will help students in developing a good English writing skill.

• Correct Use of Tenses: When you write a sentence, make sure you use suitable tense to make it meaningful for the readers. You can convey your thoughts and ideas properly to the readers by using correct tenses.

• Subject Verb Agreement: It is always good to focus on subject verb agreement when you are writing something. Use the correct word form that goes well with the subject of the sentence.

• Capitalization: The most important rule of writing is to start the sentence with capital letters.

• Articles: In English writing, articles play a significant role in maintaining a correct flow in the sentences. ‘A’, ‘An’ and ‘The’ are articles that are generally used in the sentences.

• Spelling: In English language, there are many sentences that have similar pronunciation and different spelling. Hence, you need to take care of spelling mistakes while writing. 

Types of Writing

Expository Writing:
In this type of writing, a writer explains the concept in detail with the help of required facts and figures. This form of writing is a formal type of writing, which is widely used in textbooks. Apart from this, essay writing also a kind of expository writing where each paragraph is structured in a logical manner. An e
ssay starts with an introductory paragraph, which elucidates the topic to the reader in a clear and concise manner. In the succeeding paragraphs, the writer tries to justify the topic with the right facts and figures. Last but not the least, the essay end with the concluding paragraph. 

Persuasive Writing: This form of writing intends to persuade the target audience or readers on something. Persuasive writing is often found in essay and article writing forms. Through a persuasive writing style, a writer tries to convince the readers to agree with his or her opinion. Advertisements in newspapers and hoardings are good examples of persuasive writing form.

Descriptive Writing: Descriptive writing is a different form of writing, which is usually written to entertain the readers. In this form of writing, adjectives and adverbs are used to draw an image in the readers’ mind. This type of writing explains a place, a person or a thing in a creative manner and allows a reader to feel that thing with the help of his five senses. 

Narrative Writing: This style of writing is used to narrate a story with the readers. A writer also shares his or her experience with readers through narrative writing form. In narrative writing, paragraphs are written beautifully with vivid descriptions in order to arouse the interest of readers. Biographies, poetry and novels are examples of narrative writing. 

Writing is an inherent quality, which encourages an individual to express his views, thoughts and ideas to others. In order to improve English writing skills, a student needs to practice a lot. By considering the style and rules of writing, a student can master English writing skills. 

Types of Writing

English Writing Rules

Keeping in mind the basic rules of writing, a student can become a good writer. Punctuation mark, spelling mistakes, sentence structure and correct use of grammar, all these things should be taken care while writing. Let us see the essential rules for English writing.

• Sentence Formation: The first rule of writing is to write complete sentences and punctuate it correctly. A sentence should start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. An ideal sentence usually contains a verb and conveys an idea or a thought clearly to the readers.

• Write in Paragraphs: No matter what length you are writing, but it is important to divide long sentences into small paragraphs or points. A paragraph should contain 2 to 3 sentences and each sentence should state an idea and other sentences should contain something relevant to the preceding sentence. 

• Use of Colon and Semi-Colon: Semi-colon and colon are used to give a break within a sentence. These make the sentence clear and concise for readers.  

• Use of Commas: Commas are specifically used to mark a pause in a sentence or to separate the parts of a sentence. It is important to give a pause in a sentence wherever required so that readers can easily understand it. 

• Use of Apostrophe: Apostrophe plays a vital role as it replaces the letters in a sentence, which were removed to make a short word. Besides, it also explains ownership in the sentence. For instance, this is sherry’s pen. 

English Writing Exercises

Verb Exercise – Present Tense 

Rachel ______the way to the Hospital (is knowing/knows/know)
He _______from Australia (come/comes/is coming) 
I ______my car daily (am driving/drives/drive) 
Joe ______in a factory (is working/work/works) 
Misha’s cousin ______ in Denver (is living/live/lives) 

Article Exercise 

I had ______fight with Dave. (an/a/the)
You can have _____the last piece of cake (a/the/an) 
I think _____club closes at 10 o’clock (the/an/a) 
I missed my interview because _____traffic was bad (an/the/a)
_____apple a day keeps the doctor away (the/a/an)