Transition in English


In English language, transitions are considered the words and phrases that explain the relationship between paragraphs or parts of a text or speech. In simple words, transition in English language is the word, phrase or sentence that connects an idea or a topic to another. It acts like bridges that carry a reader from one part of a text to another part. By connecting words and ideas, transition makes the text or a paragraph legible for the readers. 

Whether you are writing an essay or a story, it is important to convey your ideas and thoughts precisely to the readers. The transition words and phrases play a major role in communicating the ideas and thoughts to readers. Through transition words, phrases and sentences, a reader can understand the different segments of your writing in a better manner. 

Transition Definition 

A transition is anything that connects a sentence or paragraph to another sentence or paragraph. Hence, every sentence is transitional. Through transition words and phrases, one sentence is connected to another so as to make the entire piece of writing readable. A good transition word or phrase not only connects paragraphs, but also amalgamates the disconnected writing and make it clear and concise for the readers. 

The main objective of using transitions is to build a connection between corresponding paragraphs. It helps a writer to continue a paragraph where another leaves off. Using important phrases from the previous paragraphs and highlighting them in the next paragraph can make your writing more interesting for readers. Sometimes, a few words or phrases draw the attention of readers by creating a connection between the sentences. Make sure that you use a transition that could connect a particular paragraph to another specific paragraph. Let us see a list of transitional words that build a connection between the sentences in a logical manner. 

Transitional Words

Transition Examples

Some example sentences using transitional words are mentioned below: 

1. Adding Information 
  • We have seen Niagara Falls, and now we want to see it again. 
  • You must complete your homework by evening. In addition, you must prepare notes for your test. 

2. Showing a Contrast 
  • Students should attend class regularly. Otherwise, they will not be permitted to appear for the test. 
  • Susan failed in some subjects in the test, but Samantha passed in all the subjects.   

3. Giving Examples 
  • I like to travel different countries. Specifically, European countries.   
  • She loves different types of junk foods. For instance, donuts, pizza, burrito and lasagna. 

4. Showing a Result 
  • Emma arrived late at the airport. As a result, she missed her flight. 
  • Jenny qualified her college admission test, so she was very happy.

5. Showing a Condition  
  • If you want to score good grades, then you must study hard.
  • Whether you are coming or not, I am still going to the music class.