Synonym is the word or phrase that refers the same or similar meaning of a word. Words, which are synonyms are known as synonymous and on the other hand, the stage of being a synonym is referred as synonymy. This word is derived from an ancient Greek word. ‘Syn’ means with and ‘Onoma’ means name. 

An example of synonyms-start, begin and commence.

‘We can walk for a long time or extended time’.
Here, long and extended are the same thing and they both are synonymous. 

Choosing the right synonym matters a lot. While choosing the synonym, students must consider the connotation as some synonyms can add different meanings. 

For instance, if you use the word ‘gloomy’ in the place of ‘sad’ then it gives a negative connotation. Based on the situation, the words should be chosen precisely. However, it is better to use ‘unhappy’ when you are explaining that someone is sad. You can also use blue or down. 

Some Examples of Synonyms:

  1. Funny: Comical, Humorous, Hilarious
  2. Happy: Joyful, Content, Mirthful
  3. Honest: Sincere, Fair, Honorable, Trustworthy
  4. Intelligent: Smart, Briliant, Sharp
  5. Kind: Considerate, Thoughtful, Amiable
  6. Lazy: Lethargic, Idle, Indolent
  7. Beautiful: Lovely, Pretty, Attractive

The Importance of Synonyms:

Based on the situation, students must select the relevant synonym to form the sentence precisely. To avoid repeating the word, students can use synonyms and additionally, knowing synonyms allows students to improve their vocabulary. Furthermore, it gives students chance to improve their writing as well as speaking skill. 

Some Synonyms of the Common Words are mentioned here.
  1. Rich: wealthy, affluent, Well-to do
  2. Positive: Optimistic, Cheerful, definite
  3. Valid: Legitimate, Authorized, Genuine
  4. Important: substantial, required, vital, primary, essential, significant

What is a Synonym?

A word or phrase that refers exactly or nearly the same meaning of the other word in the same language.

Example: 'calculate' is the synonym of the word 'add'.

Examples of Synonyms

Synonyms of some common words:

  1. But- still, yet, nevertheless, however
  2. Cool-wonderful, fantastic, marvelous, awesome
  3. Big-immense, huge, massive
  4. Great-Remarkable, expert, superior, tremendous
  5. Hard-complicated, complex, rigorous, difficult
  6. Help-aid, assist, support, 
  7. Interesting- fascinating, absorbing, appealing, entertaining
  8. About-nearly, approximately, almost, close to,
  9. Amazing-startling, astonishing, dazzling, stunning
  10. awful-alarming, terrible, dreadful, horrid
  11. Boring-tiresome, monotonous, tedious
  12. Change-transform, alter, diversify, vary