Literally and Figuratively


Literally means actual or which is actually happening. It is not similar to exaggerating something. On the other hand, figuratively is an adverb like literally and it indicates something symbolic. It fabricates something, rather telling the actual thing. For instance, my room is overflowing with clothes. It means my room is chaotic and messy, but not actually overflowing. It is overstated and figurative. My room is literally full with clothes. It is written literally. When I say, my hands are tied, it means I am not available and busy with the other things. However, the root of the word "figuratively" is "figurare" a Latin word. 

Some sentences, which are figuratively said are mentioned here.
The phrase can be used for both literally and figuratively:

"I guess, we are in the same boat"
It means we are literally in the same boat. On the other hand, if the situation is same for all people, then this sentence can be used.
"He is a sailor who knows his ropes."
This sentence can be represented literally and figuratively.

Figure of Speech:
"I died laughing".
 In this sentence, the person did not die actually, rather it is stated figuratively. Here, the phrase is the figure of speech. 

"Literally" as Hyperbole -
"The actress literally stole the show".
In this sentence, the actress did not steal anything, rather, it refers that the actress was highlighted due to her performance. Here, "literally" is used as hyperbole.

The Differences between Literally and Figuratively

The differences are mentioned here.
Literally and Figuratively Difference