Homonyms are the words that are pronounced same or sound same, but differ in meanings. In other words, a homonym belongs to a group of words that have same spelling and pronunciation, but have different meanings. For instance, ‘right’ and ‘write’. Here, the word ‘right’ means correct, accurate or true. However, the other word ‘write’ indicates put in writing or writing with pen or pencil. These two words sound same, but have different meanings. 

Homonyms are also homographs and homophones. Homographs are the words that are spelled the same, but have different meaning and pronounced differently. For example, ‘present’ and ‘present’. Here, the word ‘present’ means a gift and the word ‘present’ means to introduce.  In addition to this, homophones are the words that are pronounced the same, but have different spelling and meaning. For instance, ‘route’ and ‘root. Here, the word ‘route’ means way, path or direction and the word ‘root’ means origin of something or source. Whether it is homonyms, homographs or homophones, the words that are sound alike, spelled alike and differs in meanings are always confusing for learners. Hence, it is important to use these words correctly while writing a sentence. In order to understand these words, students need to practice a lot. 

Definition of Homonyms 

Homonyms refer to the words that sound, spelled and pronounced like one another, but have different meanings. Some homonyms are spelled the same, but some are spelled differently. In simple words, homonyms can be defined as the words that share the same pronunciation or the same spelling, or both and have different meanings are known as homonyms. Let us understand homonyms with the help of examples. 

The word that have same spelling and same pronunciation and different meaning:
  1. Loyal friends never desert you in a time of need. (Here, desert means to leave alone)
  2. The camel is a desert animal. (Here, desert means barren land) 

The words that have same spelling, but different meanings and pronunciation.
  1. Give me a few more minute and I will be able to complete my work. (Here, minute refers to time)
  2. She will remember even the minute details of your conversation. (Here, minute means small)

The words that have the same pronunciation, but meanings and spelling:
  1. He read the words aloud. (Here, aloud means saying something loudly)
  2. You were not allowed to pluck the flowers from the garden. (Here, allowed means permit)

Homonyms List 

The list of homonym words is mentioned below:

List of Homonyms

Homonyms Examples

Homonyms example along with their meanings are mentioned below: 

1. Band (A group of musicians) 
        Banned (Something illegal) 

2. Beach (A sandy or pebbly shore at the edge of sea)
        Beech (A large tree with smooth bark and glossy leaves and fine-grained wood)

3. Board (A decision making unit of an organization) 
        Bored (Uninterested in something) 

4. Bale (A bunch of dry grass)
        Bail (To rescue someone from a difficulty)
5. Birth (The beginning of something)
        Berth (A berth in the passenger train) 

6.     Hangar(A shelter for housing or repairing aircraft)
        Hanger (A coat hanger) 

7.     Peace (Quiet)
        Piece (A piece of something like paper, cake, etc.)

8.     Reed (A plant that grows in water) 
        Read (An act of reading something) 

9.     Stake (A strong wooden or metal post with a point at one end)
        Steak (A thick slice of meat or fish) 

10.   Way (To find a path) 
        Weigh (A measure of the heaviness of an object)