Homographs are the words, which are spelled alike, but differ in meaning and origin and also pronounced differently. In simple words, homograph is a group of words that are spelled the same, but have different origin, meaning and pronunciation. For instance, ‘Fair’ and ‘Fair’ and ‘Arms’ and ‘Arms’. Here, the word ‘Fair’ means appropriate and another word ‘Fair’ refer to light complexion. Similarly, the word ‘Arms’ means parts of the body and the other ‘Arms’ refers to weapons. 

Many homographs are recognized as Heteronyms. Heteronyms are the words that share same spelling, but have different meanings and pronunciations. For example, ‘Buffet’. The word ‘buffet’ means a meal encompassing a variety of dishes that you serve yourself. The other meaning of ‘buffet’ is to pound or bump. Usually, a homograph is considered a type of homonym. Moreover, some homographs are considered nouns or adjectives when the accent is on the first syllable and when the accent is on the second syllable, the homographs are recognized as verbs. 

Homograph Definition 

The words that are written identically, but have different meanings, origins and often pronounced differently are known as homographs. The word homograph combines ‘homos’, which is a Greek word with ‘graph’. Homos mean ‘same’ and graph mean ‘to write’. Homographs are confusing words, but once these words are carefully spoken or clearly written, one can easily identify. Let us understand homographs with the help of some examples:

The words that are spelled and pronounced same but differ in meanings are mentioned below: 

1. Boil: Skin sore, swollen area under the skin 
        Boil: Bubble 
2. Bow: Bend 
        Bow: Part of ship
3. Net: Woven trap made of cord or rope
        Net: Amount remaining after deduction 

The words that have the same spelling, but different meanings and pronounced differently are mentioned below: 

1. Lead: Front, topmost or head 
        Lead: A soft, heavy, ductile bluish-grey metal 
2. Close: With very little or no space in between
        Close: Bringing two parts of something together to block its opening 
3. Minute: A period of time equals to 60 seconds 
        Minute: Extremely small

List of Homographs                                   

The homograph word list along with their meanings is mentioned below: 

List of Homographs

Homographs Examples 

Some example homograph sentences are mentioned below: