English Vocabulary


Vocabulary is a word that is used in a language. In other words, vocabulary is a set of words within the language. It is an effective communication tool that allows a person to interact with others. People develop vocabulary skills gradually through reading and writing. Vocabulary is a pillar of the English language as it helps a person to express his own thoughts and understand what others are saying. In order to master the English language, a student is required to work on his or her vocabulary skills. With a good vocabulary skill, students can express themselves better. 

English Vocabulary

As we know that vocabulary refers to a word and to learn and understand a word, a student needs to pay attention on three important aspects that are Form, Meaning and Use.

English Vocabulary List

Vocabulary related to Society  Vocabulary related to Family and People    Vocabulary related to Human Sounds  Vocabulary related to Sports or Games  Vocabulary related to Occupation  
Antisocial   Son  Cough  Athletics  A farmer
Social Class   Daughter  Hiccup   Basketball   A soldier
Multicultural Society  Parents  Laugh  Wresting  A doctor
Citizenship  Cousin  Scream  Judo  A tailor 
Social Exclusion  Nephew  Sneeze  Swimming  A mechanic

Types of Vocabulary 

In English language, there are four types of vocabulary that are mentioned below:

Types of Vocabulary
  1. Listening Vocabulary: The words, which we hear and understand, are known as listening vocabulary. 
  2. Speaking Vocabulary: The words that are used while speaking or communicating is known as speaking vocabulary.  
  3. Reading Vocabulary: The words, which we determine while reading books, newspapers or journals are known as reading vocabulary. 
  4. Writing Vocabulary: The words that we recall while writing are known as writing vocabulary. 

Parts of Vocabulary 

Vocabulary is broadly categorized into two different parts that are listed below:
  1. Active Vocabulary: The words that are widely used while speaking or writing are known as active vocabulary. 
  2. Passive Vocabulary: The words that are recognized by listening and are not used in everyday speech are called as passive vocabulary.

How to Improve Your Vocabulary 

It is extremely important for students to have a good vocabulary skill so as to get success in the academics. A student can express his or her ideas more clearly with the help of strong vocabulary. Learning a new word everyday is not only exciting, but also beneficial for students. Here, some important tips are discussed that will help students in building vocabulary skills.
  1. Reading: Reading is certainly a good habit. Through reading, students are exposed to many new words, which invariably improve their vocabulary skills. 
  2. Writing: Writing is also a good way of understanding and using new words. Through writing, a student can practically understand the importance of a word in a sentence. Hence, write sentences using new words and expand your vocabulary and strengthen your writing skills. 
  3. Playing Word Games: There are certain games that are designed to enhance the knowledge of students. Scrabble, crossword puzzles, word jumble, etc. are fun games that not only entertain students, but also build their vocabulary skills. 
  4. Keep a Dictionary Handy: When you expose to a new word, you search for its meaning. Hence, keep a dictionary handy when you are reading newspapers, novels, magazines or story books. With the help of a dictionary, you can understand the exact meaning of a word. 
  5. Communicate with Others:  Communicating with different people can also help you in identifying new words. If you come across a new word while interacting, then remember to jot it down in a notebook. Later, you can use the words appropriately in the sentences. 
  6. Learn Vocabulary Online: Online learning is a great platform when it comes to learning new things. There are many worksheets and vocabulary exercises are available online. You can practice an exercise and can check your vocabulary knowledge.  In addition to this, many websites provide images with the words so as to give better clarity to the user. 
  7. Flashcards: Flashcards contain a wide range of new words along with the meaning. A students can read a flashcard every day to learn a new word. 

English Vocabulary Exercise 

Complete the following sentences using suitable words: