Preposition of Agent


A preposition assists to create a relation of a noun or pronoun with another noun, adjective or verb in a sentence. Prepositions are words that help link either the noun, or the pronoun with another word in the sentence in order to describe their relationship. They help to understand the connection between the two words.

Preposition for agent is used for a thing which is a cause of another thing in the sentence. A "Agent Phrase" indicates someone or something that does an action on the subject of the sentence wherein the action is always a passive verb. Different prepositions are used by different devices, instruments or machines. These prepositions are applied to indicate that an action conducted on a noun is caused by another noun, when used in a sentence. by, with. Following examples will help in better understanding which include:

The agent prepositions are:
    • by
    • with
This book is written by Shakespeare. 
The work was completed by Janice.
The room was decorated by Jack.
The tub is filled with water. 

Preposition of Agent Examples

Examples of Preposition of Direction:
  1. The project was completed by Jacob.
  2. The Odyssey was written by Homer.
  3. The room is being decorated by Dora.
  4. I can write better with my own pen.
  5. I opened my closet with a key.
  6. I'm going to Paris next week with my girlfriend.
  7. This poem was written by Walt Whitman.
  8. She is writing with her blue pen.
  9. That man opened the door with the key.
  10. He was hit by a bat.
  11. You can’t play soccer without a ball.
  12. This poem was written by Milton.
  13. I travelled by myself.
  14.  She trembled with fear.
  15. She was hit by a car.
  16. Won't you come with me?
  17. Ten years have gone by.
  18. She screamed with terror.
  19. Ken must be home by now.
  20. He is by no means bright.
  21. She graduated with honors.

Preposition of Agent Exercise

Complete the following sentences using appropriate prepositional phrases:
  • I was impressed _______ his music.
  • I was laughed at _______ everyone.
  • Let's start _______ Lesson Ten.
  • He prepared supper _______ himself.
  • She went _______ him to Boston.
  • I am not acquainted _______ him.
  • He should have arrived _______ now.
  • I advised her to come _______ 9:00.
  • She spoke to me _______ a smile.
  • I go to work _______ car every day.
  • What did you do _______ that car?
  • May I leave this book _______ you?
  • I usually go to school _______ bus.
  • Would you like to dance _______ me?
  • I went there _______ bus and train.
  • I went to the airport _______ taxi.
  • She wasn't dancing _______ him then.
  • Mary is respected _______ everyone.
  • The dog was run over _______ a car.
  • Are you through _______ your homework?
  • The thief got away _______ the money.
  • Did he come _______ bus or _______ train?